• Comprehensive Home Inspections & Reports


My duty is to thoroughly inspect each home and provide the buyer with as much information regarding the property as possible, prior to the purchase. Client attendance is highly encouraged as well as questions during and after the inspection.

Purchasing a home is by far one of the largest, and possibly most stressful, financial decisions a family can make. Therefore I take it upon myself to be the communicative median between analyzing all of the mechanical and structural components of the home, explaining both the positive and negative components as clearly as possible, and providing a concise and legible report with helpful explanations and digital photos. Most importantly I hope to provide a solid peace of mind to the home-buying process.

Standard Sure Flocks Homes Inspection Services Report will include the following:

•    Narrative written report covering:
•    Structural components
•    Identification of construction materials
•    Electrical outlets, fixtures, and main panel
•    Heating and cooling equipment
•    Plumbing systems, water heater, and fixtures
•    General exterior, siding, trim, windows and doors, grading and drainage
•    Roof, general condition and life expectancy, insulation, ventilation, vents, stacks and eaves
•    Quality, condition, and general life expectancies of major systems
•    General interior, including walls, ceilings, doors, window & floors
•    Kitchen and Appliances
•    Energy and Maintenance suggestions
•    With Digital photos
•    Fees starting at $250, depending on the size and age of the home.

4-Point Insurance Inspections include:

•    Photos of the front and back of home
•    Assessment of the roof and life expectancy of the shingles/roof system
•    Identification and age assessment of the HVAC system
•    Check of the plumbing system and water heater type/age
•    Assessment of electrical service, panel size, and wiring type.
•    Report with integrated photos as required by insurance companies.
•    $100 without full inspection. $50 charge with full inspection.

Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection (UMVI)

•    UMVI reports cover:
•    The roof style
•    Roof decking nail patterns and length, and verification of straps
•    Reports include all necessary photos and State of Florida documents.
•    UMVI reports cost $100 ($50 with a full inspection)

Radon Testing

I am presently not offering radon testing.