About Flocks

Brendan Flocks Monaghan grew up in Gainesville and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Non Profit Management and Sustainability Studies. After several years of continuing his education abroad, mostly through work with nongovernmental organizations in underdeveloped areas, he decided to come home and form a seasoned skill. After several years of swinging hammers for local residential carpentry and small commercial construction companies, Flocks realized there was a need for honest, well-communicating, professional home inspectors in the area. Josh Hellstrom, from Hellstrom Home Inspections, took Flocks under his arm.  With his many years of wizened inspection knowledge and an unmatched level of integrity and respect in the area, Josh gifted Flocks with the information and character development needed for the foundation of an honest home inspection business in Gainesville.

Sure Flocks Homes License

•    Florida State Home Inspector License #HI-9392

Sure Flocks Homes Inspections Include:

•    New construction, older homes, and condos
•    Vintage homes
•    Insurance 4 Pt. inspections
•    Wind Mitigation Surveys
•    Digital photography
•    Clearly written narrative report within 24 hours (unless otherwise agreed upon)
•    Maintenance tips and suggestions
•    An open line of communication for any and all questions about your purchase